Hello world!

I will start blogging, explaining a little bit about my graduation project (or design brief…), which I am currently busy with. 

In Delft, the city I am studying in, a 16th century merchant’s house that has been listed as a national monument is going to be sustainably renovated. This means that any future alterations must comply to strict regulations. After the renovation the building will serve as a sustainability hub for the city. It will make citizens aware of how to renovate their house sustainably, and how to steer  into a more sustainable domestic behavior. 

My project fits to the latter. I have to design a sort of an energy monitoring system, which will not only show the energy that is consumed by the building, but can eventually influence the behavior of the center’s employees and visitors…


2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. what a nice brief!

  2. Thanks 😉

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