What’s your energy consumption?

What’s your energy consumption? 

I am sure most of you (if not all) don’t have an answer to this question. I didn’t have either, till I visited Wattzon, I created a profile and started tracking the energy I consume due to my lifestyle. Expressed the data in Watt,  the universal unit for power, the results were disappointing. I consume around 7000Watts, because of my choices in commuting, food, housing, flying, owning stuff and government. The last, refers to the social services we receive from government  investments and the energy that is consumed and the carbon dioxide that is emitted. For the Netherlands, this number is 4,749Watts, which is very high if we acknowledge for instance that for my “total unsustainable” home-country, Greece, it’s only 1693Watt…I still have to figure out, why is it so high for the NL? 

Another striking outcome is that, housing (including electricity, heating and gas) is only 12% of my total energy consumption. That’s the fraction (roughly), I aim to minimize by raising awareness for the domestic energy consumption…

Concluding, I think Wattzon is a wonderful tool to track and understand energy consumption but I still feel that something is missing…I’ll found out!

p.s If you have 30′ , watch the WattzOn at PopTech


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