Do less with Design…?

Looking for ways to conserve energy, I have came across a lot of beautiful designs that they focus on the daily interaction between user-product to construct our conception on energy. For instance “The Element”, a radiator constructed from 35, 60Watt incandescent light-bulbs aims to trigger the mindset of the user.

As the designers state: “direct…feedback…[may]…help consumers build conceptual models of how energy-consuming devices behave in different situations making the perception of electricity less abstract.” For example, by cranking the thermostat all the way does not cause the lights to glow brighter more quickly (the thermostat is just a switch, not a valve).  Another such  smart design is “The Energy Curtain” The list of smart designs goes on and on…but I am still wondering; do we, designers, have to add another product, to achieve our goal? Can we design sustainable interactions and experiences, by doing less with design? Can we design everyday life, and social practices? But that’s something I will refer to another time…


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