Sustainable Restoration…

I just returned from the library of Architecture, where I borrowed a book from the always inspiring Ezio Manzini from Polytecnico di Milano. About the book I will write another time; now I want to focus on the visit itself, which left me with a big smile on the face.

The faculty of Architecture, for the ones that don’t live in Delft, was burned down last May. Immediately the TUDelft decided to transfer Architecture to an old building of the university, and restore the building to meet the functions of the faculty. What surprises me , is not only how fast the building was restored but also how inspiring the building itself is. The high ceilings, the wide corridors, the big windows etc. bring another atmosphere in the air than the modernistic, block that Architecture was before the fire. While, the interior is very modern, and stylish…I don’t know about its sustainability aspect.  

An even bigger surprise, was my visit to the “White Rose” (De Witte Roos), the building that is going to be sustainably renovated in Delft and I will contribute to with my project. It’s an amazing monument, from the 16th century, where you can still feel its luxurious and glorious past (photos are coming…).

What I am trying to say here is that building restoration can really go hand in hand with sustainability. Not only it requires less resources (no excavation, no building etc), but also leads to a well being where cultural heritage and urban cohesion is preserved. Really, how wonderful it is to study in the same building with  your grand or grand-grandfather…?


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