do things in completely different ways…

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I am quite happy, as yesterday I had my official kick-off meeting about my project, with my “client”. Before the meeting, I had some butterflies in my stomach, as it was my first meeting with the “client” and I was already going to tell them that I didn’t like their approach and would propose a new one. Fortunately, the “client” was quite open and enthusiastic to my approach, willing to steer direction 🙂

So, the initial idea was a monitoring energy system that ideally would lead the user to more efficient energy consumption. It was a more technology driven idea, requiring from me (“the designer”) to make it more “human” so that the user can adopt to it and benefit from it.

However, I believe that Eco-efficiency is not enough…it might have improved things, but not the big picture. We still continue consuming energy like crazy, being completely ignorant about where it comes from, how, and what our impact is. So, the question is not to do what we already do better but to do things in completely different ways, to quote Ezio Manzini. With this in mind and inspired by projects in my faculty (livinglab, bathing-experience) I decided to design with the people; study the practices they follow in their daily living in the house and see how can we make people more aware and willing to change the unsustainable ones. To do this, I am planning to engage throughout the process 5-10 families in Delft and use participatory methods, generative techniques and design probes to elicit knowledge about their living and energy consumption. About the techniques and the methods I will follow, I will elaborate more on following posts…


One response to “do things in completely different ways…

  1. hey loucas,

    i really enjoyed reading your blog, keep up the good work and keep posting on your fun project!


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