In the Bubble: designing in a complex world

I just finished reading “In the Bubble: designing i a complex world“, by John Thackara. A must read book! Throughout the book I could not stop nodding my head, agreeing with the author. It’s not that Thackara says completely new things about design, technology and people, but it’s more his notion of putting people first. Trusting the skills of this super organism that is called human, and supporting him with technology and design instead of substituting or putting him aside…

Yesterday night, drinking a beer at the bar of the cinema after having watched Synecdoche: New York, the music is unexpectedly good…with my friends we are surprised by the variety, but also the consistency of the songs…then we saw in the corner a dj in his forties, playing  music for us. Talent and experience, cannot be substituted by Itunes Genious…People matters!


One response to “In the Bubble: designing in a complex world

  1. evi,elisavet,nikolas


    Ever since u went to the Netherlands we feel that you are becoming more and more distant. But its ok, we love you and we support your “choices” no matter what.

    We are looking forward to see you in Holland!

    kisses!take care and keep on surprising us with your fresh ideas


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