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community activism

I am surprised from how many good websites exist on “community activism”.

Websites like pledgehammer and pledgebank, where you agree to fulfill your  pledge if only a number of people will join you. Like smoking, where people try to quit smoking together with someone else as it looks easier this way…

or weightnags which mission is clearly stated on its frontpage “Give us your info and we’ll nag you once a week until you get off of your fat ass and lose some weight.”

meetup and groupsnearyou where people just have to enter their zipcode or location, and they can find groups of their interest

or dothegreenthing and hackikea where active and creative individuals upload and share their ideas…

All these are great inspiration for bringing people together to learn about energy or start saving energy…

I am curious, would you use any of these websites?


2 responses to “Web inspiration

  1. Thanks for calling Pledgehammer a “good” website 🙂

    However, with Pledgehammer the main motivation to stick to a pledge comes from choosing a financial incentive, not by number of people that do the same. If you fail a resolution, we’ll (nicely) ask you to donate money to charity. This way there is some good in an unsuccessful pledge, too.

  2. Thank you for your remark Andrus! All the best with Pledgehammer, it’s a very nice effort! keep on the good job!

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