Lights off or lights on?



Lazy Saturday afternoon and I’ve been following the EarthHour on twitter, which has already started in the other hemisphere…Impressive pictures from all around the world, with dark cities and monuments, people celebrating the Earth Hour with candles and music etc…

But looking at pictures like these from Hong Kong, I start to think that the whole Earth Hour campaign is fundamentally wrong! These images fit more to cities like the  Dark City, Gotham City in Batman, or New York in I Am Legend, where fear, terror and catastrophe prevails.

Is this the image we want to convey with sustainability? Are dark cities how we imagine our future? Why do we continue to make the same mistakes and link the environmental movement with  something that subtracts instead of adding to our lives?

There are still 2 hours remaining till the Earth Hour in the Netherlands, and I think i will leave the lights on…


2 responses to “Lights off or lights on?

  1. I generally agree with symbolic moves and “wake-up” days but as you say the campaign is fundamentally wrong. We should not turn off lights and just sit in the dark to save the earth. Neither should we turn off road lights (!) and increase the possibility of accidents.

    Because on the end of the (Earth’s) day we all know that the problem is not us consuming energy but us producing energy the wrong way, right?

  2. I agree with you Giorgo. We should look for more creative and innovative ways to spread the word.Awareness and conservation are important, but the message that should be spread all around the globe should be more positive and more effective. If for instance, each one that participated in the campaign could produce and distribute energy to the net for one hour, instead of just saving then the message would be completely different.I know that this is not possible at the moment, but we should look towards this direction…

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