In the flow…

The last 2 weeks I was  facing a quite unproductive, inefficient work from myself…questioning everything…my process, my ideas etc, which of course had slowed me down a lot, and had affected my morale. I guess something that a lot of graduate students face, while they work. Fortunately my analysis presentation, last Thursday, gave an end to all these doubts, receiving very positive comments.

So, the lesson that I learned is that you have to keep yourself in the flow. You have to keep moving, trusting  your skills and thoughts, setting deadlines and goals (even if there aren’t any) and trying to meet them. Otherwise the retrospective attitude (always very important) gets bigger and bigger, and you start to focus on very small details, and questions that only lead you backwards…

Sometimes you just have to be in the flow, or in other words just do it!

p.s for more, read also the “In the Flow” article from the frog design magazine…


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