Transition Town, Rotterdam

I’m planning to attend tonight the first meet-up of the transtition-town group in Rotterdam. The concept of transition-towns is attributed to Rob Hopkins, who wrote the Transition Towns Handboook. The transition-town groups share one concern: how can our community respond to the challenges, and opportunities of peak oil and climate change? In other words, how can we make our cities more resilient to oil? What are the actions we have to take?

The reason I am joining this group is to see how this social learning happens. How people share ideas, get aware of the problems and look for solutions…Are these groups  sustainable themselves to hope that things can change from the bottom up?

I am quite curious…My idealistic side believes in communities of practice and social learning, but on the other hand my pragmatic side has seen poor examples (e.g ecoteams) that are only for the very pro-environmentalists and don’t leave any space for the “common” people.

We’ll see…Let’s hope!

p.s here are the dutch transition-towns


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