Moonlight received a design award for a second time!

We just returned from beautiful Porto, being awarded for the Feel the Planet Earth CIFIAL design award!!!

The award was nominated to our team “Lumen“, for the design of the Moonlight. A solar-powered LED lantern, we designed last year in Cambodia for the rural population of the country. The lantern was designed for Kamworks, a company specialized in providing affordable energy systems in Cambodia. This is the second time  Moonlight is awarded, after the Toonvantuijl design prize at the Dutch Design Awards.

We all hope that the third prize, and most important, will come from the people; now that the Moonlight is coming to the market 😉

p.s I: credits to Duygu for the beautiful photos

p.s II: Ana Maria,the fourth Lumen, was unfortunately in Colombia and could not join us

p.s III: A team from the Royal College of Art London and Imperial won also a prize, for a very smart air conditioning system “Artica” that uses only 10% of the energy that is required by conventional systems.


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