in Cambodia

Mydigitalmoleskine is nothing more than an extension of my physical moleskine, where I document all my thoughts, ideas and reflections usually on design and sustainability. Blogging helps me structure and filter these chaotic scripts to a few lines that distill out the important from the unimportant (I hope…). Sharing these thoughts would help to get a bigger picture, discuss the issues and understand them better.

I hope you’ll enjoy the blog as I do


p.s at the moment I’m busy pursuing my master thesis, so most posts are refering to it…


3 responses to “About

  1. Mia xara! Mipws ksereis pws na eggrafw sto blog sou wste na parakolouthw nees eggrafes?

  2. Thanks Manolh gia ta kala sou logia! gia dokimase sto dashboard pou einai h diey8ynsh tou site, de3ia prepei na exei ena eikonidio gia rss. molis to evala, alla de 3erw an douleyei…

  3. What a cool and inspiring weblog Loucas! Great to read some of your thoughts and insights! Keep up the good work! Good luck!

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